What is sympathetic magic?

Be careful what you wish for - it might come true

Sympathetic magic has two main parts to it which are similarity and contagion and is based on the principle that like resembles like.

What is Similarity Magic?

The magical practitioner or witch takes an object that is LIKE the intended object (like resembles like) and performs a ritual or ceremony with it, treating it as the item it is standing in for.

What is Contagion Magic?

Contagion magic is based on the idea that something related to or belonging to a thing or person can retain some residual energy from that item even when separated by distance. You can then use that related item in your magic, as a stand in for the intended item/person.

Let us take the example of the voodoo doll or poppet.

The voodoo doll or poppet is SIMILAR (similarity magic) to the person you are wanting to perform magic on. Adding an item such as that person's hair is contagion magic. Together this type of magic is 'sympathetic'.

What is Intent?

Intent is the mental energy you put into your action/magic with regard to a desired outcome. You know what your intended outcome is and you visualize, meditate and focus on that outcome while carrying out the spell, ritual, task. This is 'intent'. The greater your focus, the greater your 'intent'. The greater the intent the greater the results of your magic.


Remember the saying ... be careful what you wish for? Your detailed and intently focused daydreams have the potential to manifest. You can use this to your advantage by manifesting those events you wish to occur. You can similarly inadvertently manifest your deepest worries and fears so if you find yourself thinking negative thoughts 'in glorious technicolor detail' STOP. Stop yourself and say 'cancel cancel cancel' out loud 3 times and do not revisit those negative thoughts again. AUTHOR BIO: WizzyWitch is best thought of as a broom closet magical practitioner and student of the occult with a leaning towards chaos magick. After a long hiatus from magical practice she has returned to it and is curious to learn more about correspondences, sympathetic and herbal magic. Her approach is eclectic, intuition and 'real results' based and you can follow her journey via Facebook here.

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