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Modern witch, baby witch or teen witch - we have some new designs for you that aren't dark and foreboding, they're filled with light, magic and positivity. Wizzy Witch is the creator behind these girly witch fashions, gifts, accessories and decor items. Meanwhile hop over to for some gothic witch, occult fashion with a cute, kawaii twist. Available via RedBubble Pretty girly rosegold pink pentagram, pentacle and cosmic cat with a third eye is the design on this collection of girly modern witch accessories, decorations and fashion.

pretty girly designs modern teen witch apron

Witch Apron for a Kitchen Witch! How lovely to be able to prepare your magickal dishes, potions, lotions and spells while wearing this pretty girly witchcraft apron.

pretty girly designs modern teen witch

Add a pretty girly cosmic cat pentacle decoration to your altar. Or affix to the wall, for wall art.

pretty girly designs modern teen witch notebook grimoire

Add a pretty girly Grimoire to your witchcraft collection. Inexpensive notebook with pentacle cosmic cat design.

pretty girly designs modern teen witch tote bag

Go about your day, to college, work, friends with this pretty girly witchcraft pentagram tote bag. Fill with some daily witchy essentials.

pretty girly designs modern teen witch scarf

This lovely modern witch scarf can be used as an altar cloth, wall hanging as desired. Multiple uses for a very girly witch.

pretty girly designs modern teen witch fashion trends

Pretty modern girly witch dress (also available on t-shirts and various other tops and styles) featuring rosegold pentacle and cosmic cat. Dress to impress when visiting your witchy pals.

pretty girly designs modern teen witch bag

pretty girly designs modern teen witch pillows

AUTHOR BIO: WizzyWitch is best thought of as a broom closet magical practitioner and student of the occult with a leaning towards chaos magick. After a long hiatus from magical practice she has returned to it and is curious to learn more about correspondences, sympathetic and herbal magic. Her approach is eclectic, intuition and 'real results' based and You can follow her journey via Facebook here.

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