NEW Trendy BFF Gift Idea!

How much do you love your best friend? Enough to sort through hundreds of photos, selfies and Instagram pics to find your and her favorites to feature on one of these trendy BFF photo pillows? Enough to find a funny BFF quote, saying, one-liner or meme to add to this super cute bestie gift? Enough to add her name and your name and add her favorite color? If you love your bestie that much then she will love love love this bff gift that you will lovingly put together for her. The images and text are templates that you can easily edit, and you add extras as desired and change the background color making a one of a kind unique personalized gift for girls.

These make great bff gifts for birthday, leaving gifts as they move away or go off to college, university or as a Christmas gift. Lots of fun themes to choose from and even more in store!

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