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By WizzyWitch - This is part of my own altar. The cloth is actually purple but looks blue here. As a baby water witch, I am still in the process of defining my practice and as such my needs. I don't do much candle/fire work presently as I use water, crystals, driftwood (to create wishing sticks) and sigils for spell casting. For a more powerful long-lasting spell I may use herbs and other items. The bowl you see here is not traditionally 'witch intended' but it is lead crystal and has the most wonderful sound when 'dinged'. I purify the water with pure copper and onyx. It is fairly empty here because the cats have been drinking out of it! Hence why it also needs to be clean and without any added oils.

This is the other end of the altar. I do my burning in the small brass vessel. The Grimoire is actually a box I decorated many years ago and contains my runes, pendulum, and other items. My actual Grimoire is the leather-bound one you see on top of my apothecary box. In front is a decorative calligraphy pen set and some adorable wishing bottles my daughter bought for me which contain various semi-precious stones. I have another space that I mainly use for a 'spell in progress where I keep a spell active for a week. I have a slate to draw sigils, circles, and so on. I have a garden room which I am also planning to use as a coven meeting room, for myself and a couple of local witchy pals. I want to make some natural 'magic' infused paper and candles. That will be a great space for this other side of witch 'crafting'.

Below are some witch altars as featured on Wikipedia, please share your own pics and a little bit about the set up,

AUTHOR BIO: WizzyWitch is best thought of as a broom closet magical practitioner and student of the occult with a leaning towards chaos magick. After a long hiatus from magical practice she has returned to it and is curious to learn more about correspondences, sympathetic and herbal magic. Her approach is eclectic, intuition and 'real results' based and You can follow her journey via Facebook here.

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