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Let's Get Started - Wedding Planning Tips!

Planning a low-budget wedding can be a challenge and the key to success is organization. Here to help you is a detailed low-budget wedding planning guide that you can use to kick start your wedding planning process and dip into as you go along.

First things first

  • Set the date

  • Agree on the budget

  • Decide on Guest numbers

  • Start looking at venues

Plan the engagement and set the date

Many couples set their wedding date on average two-years from their date of engagement.

This allows a full year to research themes, color schemes, venues, consider budget, location, and all the niceties of wedding planning. The real work though starts a year ahead of the wedding date as those ideas are put into motion.

Use our free wedding timeline checklists and weekly planners to stay on track

If you're announcing your engagement formally, having an engagement party, sending out notices, etc. it is a good idea to let guests know at the same time when the wedding will take place.

It is likely you will invite the same people to your engagement as you intend to invite for your wedding. This will provide a guide as to how many guests you may need to cater for the wedding dinner/reception.

The exact wedding date may not be known at this stage but some idea of the year and what time of year would be very useful. This enables your guests to make their own plans and savings to cover the cost of wedding clothes, transport, possible childminding, and gifts. They may also need to make arrangements with work and sort out holiday bookings.

2. Agree on the wedding budget

Free Printable wedding budget
Free Wedding Budget Vendor Checklist

Things to consider:

  • Who is paying for the wedding?

If you're sharing costs across families, gather all those involved to discuss how to proceed.

There are different cultural expectations and traditions when it comes to paying for weddings. Avoid assuming or expecting anything and be open to discuss it with your families.

  • Will all the wedding money be given in advance and put in a special wedding savings account/pot?

  • Alternatively, will individuals settle bills as they arise?

  • Will different persons have different costs they are responsible for?

  • Are you required to save? Can you save enough to settle the bills within the given timeframe, pay deposits?

3. Decide on the number of guests and budget

Deciding on the number of wedding guests will help determine the wedding budget, cost of the wedding, or vice versa. If you set the budget beforehand this, in turn, will dictate how many guests you are able to have for the ceremony and the reception. Your wedding budget and guest list combined will determine, large or small wedding, formal, informal wedding, and lead you to select appropriate venues and so on.

4. Book the Ceremony & Reception Venue/s

When the wedding date is set, the wedding guest list decided, the wedding budget agreed upon, you can take that information and start looking at the wedding ceremony and reception venues.

25 questions to ask your venue vendors

  1. Is the wedding venue available on your chosen date?

  2. How many guests can be accommodated, standing, and seated?

  3. What time can we access the wedding venue to decorate?

  4. Can we get ready at the wedding venue?

  5. Is there a secure room to store the gifts?

  6. Is there disabled access, downstairs toilets?

  7. What is the timeline for the day?

  8. Is it an open bar, what are the bar prices?

  9. Can we bring a bottle, do you charge corkage?

  10. Can we instruct our own caterers, bring our own food?

  11. What is included in the venue hire package?

  12. How many serving staff will be there on the day?

  13. Is there accommodation for us and guests?

  14. Can we get a discount for block room bookings?

  15. Do you have a wedding cake stand or do we bring our own?

  16. Are there any other weddings on the same day as ours?

  17. What time do we have to leave?

  18. What are the cancellation terms?

  19. Can I have an itemized invoice - see a full breakdown of costs

  20. Insurance?

  21. Do they cater to different dietary requirements?

  22. Distance from where you live

  23. Distance and available transport between ceremony and reception site

  24. Available overnight accommodation/group bookings/discounts

  25. Can you get a better price weekday, out of season, am booking?

Use our wedding venue checklist sheets to record your findings and later compare venues. Obtain at least 3 quotes.

The Order of Booking Your Wedding Vendors

First priority is those large expenditure parts of your wedding for which professionals get booked up in some cases a couple of years ahead. They also only accommodate a limited number of weddings per week. As such if you have a preference, snap up that vendor quickly!

First Priority

· Wedding Planner (they can take care of the following for you!)

· Wedding Venue

· Bridal Salon

· Ceremony Officiant

· Photographer

· Caterer

· Reception Band or DJ

Second Priority

· Florist

· Cake Baker

· Videographer

· Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

· Transportation

Third Priority

· Ceremony musicians

· Invitation Designer

· Lighting Company

· Rentals

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