FREE Wedding Flower checklist printable - and what to ask your florist before ordering

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Floral designers are more than just the individuals that supply the flowers for your bouquet. These professionals help you bring together the aesthetic of your wedding and make the ceremony and reception look beautiful. They add details and finishing touches that bring everything together and can even design things according to your cake or wedding dress.

This means that you will have a lot to discuss with your florist in Noosa, QLD or your locale when your wedding is coming up and you begin planning out your floral needs. There are a lot of questions to ask, so here is a list of questions to make sure you ask your creative wedding florist.

However, before you sit down with a florist, you should already have the venue for your wedding and the reception reserved. You should also avoid designing your wedding bouquet until after you have chosen a dress, which allows the designer to make sure your planned design complements your gown. Once these tasks are accomplished, you can sit down with a florist in Noosa, QLD, and ask these pivotal questions.

The Basics

Is the date I want to reserve for your services available?

  1. Have you done events at any of the venues I\’ve chosen or are you familiar with them?

  2. How many other events do you typically schedule within a 24 hour period?

  3. Will you be the one doing the arrangements or will it be a different creative wedding florist?

  4. Are you able to work with my budget?

The Flowers

What flowers will be in the season during my wedding month?

  1. Based on my budget and the color scheme, what are your flower recommendations?

  2. Would you be able to coordinate bridesmaid flowers and boutonnieres as well as centerpieces?

  3. Do you have any examples of designs that are similar to what I want?

  4. Will you work with the designer of my cake to add flowers to it? Is there a fee?

The Costs

  1. Do you charge any delivery fees?

  1. Is there an extra charge for setting up and breaking down floral décor?

  2. Do I need to pay a fee for you to stay and help move arrangements to the reception venue?

  3. What other fees would I see on my bill?

Other useful tips for working with a local florist are:

1. Be Prepared

Before going in to see a floral designer, you may want to be as prepared as possible by having your colour scheme already picked out. It is also helpful to already know what kind of flowers you may want and examples of arrangements can also be very helpful.

2. Trust Your Gut

Once you’ve interviewed florists, ask yourself if their answers to your questions were satisfactory and if you feel as though you can trust them to do a good job on your wedding day. If you can trust your florist, you can be assured that your wedding ceremony and reception will look amazing.

By asking florists these questions and keeping these tips in mind, you can be confident in choosing a florist for your wedding day.

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