FREE watercolor cacti art printables and why Succulents make the perfect wedding flower

Why are succulents so popular as a wedding flower in 2021?

The trend for having succulents, deemed a quirky little flower/plant as part of a wedding bouquet, or table/cake decoration, and even as potted favors and featured on wedding invitations began around five years ago and this trend is showing no signs of diminishing.

So why are these Alpine, desert-like plants so popular?

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Succulents are evergreen

Whatever time of the year you’re getting married, you will always be able to feature these plants with flowers at your wedding, unlike many other flower varieties. They also bloom in any season. Succulents only require watering approx. once a week

Succulents offer a variety of colors

Succulents are masculine and feminine

And by this, I simply mean that generally flowers are seen as a feminine thing whereas succulents with their sturdy appearance can work just as well for men as for women and make excellent buttonholes for the groom and grooms party.

Succulents are easily available

Due to their ever-growing popularity, not just for weddings but for other events and as home decoration, you can purchase succulents in the Alpine/desert section of garden centers, in-home stores, and even in your local supermarket.

They’re inexpensive and transport easily

Now we know why succulents are so popular and what their many benefits are, it\’s easy to see why they\’re a hot favorite at weddings. Before we take a look at how to plan your succulent wedding, here are some fast links to items you\’ll need.

  1. Succulent themed wedding invitations and matching stationery

  2. Succulent plants via Amazon – wedding favors order in bulk potted

  3. Succulent themed wedding cake ideas

  4. Succulent themed wedding table decorations

  5. Succulent themed wedding bouquet and boutonnieres

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Succulent Table Decorations

Succulents are often found displayed inside a terrarium which for a wedding can create a nice centerpiece. Popular terrariums for display are the metallic, gold, silver geometric wire, and glass ones which are also popular as featured on the wedding invitations – see above

How To Grow Your Own Succulents

Check out these great tips for growing your own succulent plants for your wedding. 


Decorating With Succulents Tutorials

Check out the trending tutorials on YouTube for creating your succulents wedding bouquet, wedding cake, favors and table decorations HERE

FREE watercolor succulents (potted cacti and cactus) illustrations by Annalise are available via Pixabay for Free download. For personal use, you can use them to design your own wedding stationery including DIY succulent themed wedding invitations. These illustrations are stunning!

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