Free and Budget Cheapest Rustic Wedding Invitation Templates Trending

Check out these modern, easy to edit rustic wedding invitation templates. They are among the cheapest wedding invitations available online at

0.40 each when ordering 100+. That is $40 for 100 wedding invitations!

You can make further savings with these trendy low budget wedding invitations as they have template text fields on both sides. Most wedding invitations do not allow you to add text to the back. What a waste of space! Not here though ...

With our low budget, bargain wedding invitations you can add your rsvp, gift registry, directions, and other additional wedding details to the back. You don't need to spend more money on wedding enclosures. Think of what all that paper is doing to the environment.

If you want to make the ultimate sacrifice and send your wedding invitations online, view our FREE rustic wedding invitation downloads.

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